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Welcome to my DragonballZ-GT fansub page! All DBZ-GT fansubs I own are in japanese with ENGLISH subtitles and are all available in qualities above or at a B- rating! Feel free to browse and you have my guarantee that you will find no better price out there! All videos are shipped priority mail the following day after payment is received! I am constantly getting new episodes/movies so just check back every week for updates....thank you! If you are interested in trading just e-mail me and we'll discuss biznezz!

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DragonballZ episodes

Arrival of the Ginyu Force episodes 62-65 A-

Freezer's Final Battle (Freezabot  Saga) episodes 119-121 B-

Non-Perfect Cell Saga volume one (4 episodes) A+

Non-Perfect Cell Saga volume two (4 episodes) A-

Non-Perfect Cell Saga volume three (4 episodes) A+

Non-Perfect Cell Saga volume four (4 episodes) A+

Non-Perfect Cell Saga volume five (4 episodes) A+

Non-Perfect Cell Saga volume six (4 episodes) A+

Cell Game episodes 186-188 B-

Cell Game episodes 189-191 B-

Great Saiyaman Saga episodes 200-203 A+

Great Saiyaman Saga episodes 204-207 A+

Tenka-ichi-Budokai episodes 208-211 A+

Tenka-ichi-Budokai episodes 212-215 A+

Tenka-ichi-Budokai episodes 216-219 A+

Evil of Babi Dee episodes 220-223 A+

Evil of Babi-Dee episodes 224-227 A+

Majin Vegeta episodes 228-231 A- to B+

Majin Vegeta episodes 232-235 B-

Majin Vegeta episodes 236-239 B-

Majin Boo's Reign of Terror episodes 240-244 A-

Majin Boo's Reign of Terror episodes 245-249 A-

Gotenks Saga episodes 251-254 A+

Gotenks Saga episodes 255-258 A-

Gotenks Saga episodes 259-262 A+

Gotenks Saga episodes 263-264 A+

Evil Kid Boo episodes 264-267 B-

Death of Evil Boo episodes 276-278 B-

Death of Evil Boo episodes 279-281 B+

Death of Evil Boo episodes 284-287 A-

Uubu Saga episodes 288-291 A+



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DragonballZ movies and specials!

   DBZ movie 4 B+ 

DBZ movie 5 A+

DBZ movie 6 A+

DBZ movie 7 B+

DBZ movie 8 A+

DBZ movie 9 A+

DBZ movie 10 B+

DBZ movie 11 A+

DBZ movie 12 A+

DBZ movie 13 A+

Dragonball live action movie (english dubbed) A+

Trunks TV special B-

Bardock TV special A-

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DragonballGT episodes/specials!

Black Star Dragonballs episodes 1-2 B-

Black Star Dragonballs episodes 3-4 B+

Black Star Dragonball episodes 5-6 A-

Black Star Dragonballs episodes 7-8 A-

Black Star Dragonballs episodes 9-10 B+

Super Android 17 episodes 42-44 A+

Super Android 17 episodes 45-47 A-

"Gokou Jr." television special B+

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Other Cool Anime Episodes and Movies!!

Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) fansubbed $10.50

Rurouni Kenshin: the movie (fansubbed) A-

Rurouni Kenshin fansubbed episodes 1-3 A+

Rurouni Kenshin fansubbed episodes 4-6 A+

Rurouni Kenshin fansubbed episodes 7-9 A-

Devilman fansubbed episodes 1-2 A+

Devilman fansubbed episodes 3-5 A+

Devilman Lady fansubbed episodes 1-4 A+

DNA 2 fansubbed episodes 1-5 A+

DNA 2 fansubbed episodes 6-10 A-

Memories: fansubbed episodes 1-3 (the Twilight Zone of anime) A+

Nightwalker fansubbed episodes 1-4 A+

Ghost in the Shell (dubbed) master tape source $4.00

Akira (dubbed) master tape source $6.00

Ninja Scroll (dubbed) master tape source $5.00

Arimitage: the Third (dubbed) mater tape source $3.00

Slayers:the movie (dubbed) master tape source $4.00

Big Wars (dubbed) master tape source $3.00

Poltergeist Report: the movie (dubbed) master tape source $3.00

Judge (demented anime horror) (dubbed) master source $3.00

Mobile Suit Gundam: 8th Mission Team Episodes 1-3 (Fansubbed) $6.00

Mobile Suit Gundam: 8th Mission Team Episodes 4-5 (Fansubbed) $4.00

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WARNING: Must be at least 18 years old to purchase the following hentai titles!!!

A+ Cool Devices   vol. 1 $5.00

A+ Cool Devices vol.2 $5.00

A+ Cool Devices vol. 3 $5.00

A+ Cool Devices vol.4 $5.00

A+ Cool Devices vol.5 $5.00

A+ Cool Devices vol.6 $5.00

or you can purchase the entire set (volumes 1-6) for $25!!!

A- Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend $5.00

A+ Urotsukidoji 3: the movie $5.00

A+ Urotsukidoji 4: the 2nd movie $5.00

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Please note: there are 2-4 episodes per tape

or 1 movie per tape.

Prices (including shipping and handling):

For an order of 2 or less each tape will cost $10.

For an order with 3 or more tapes will cost you $6.50 per tape.

When you are ready to order or if you have any questions just e-mail me at TheBellhop@AOL.com and tell me what you need and I'll reply A.S.A.P. Thank you!!

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