The Yellow Submarine House

formerly at 20910 Gresham Street in Canoga Park CA

During the cold winter of 1968 and 69 Charles Manson and his "Family" moved into this house in Canoga Park. This is supposedly where Charlie came up w/ his infamopus Helter Skelter theory...there were also escape routes from this locale to their safe haven in Death Valley. Until now no good pictures have emerged of the Yellow Submarine house and the pictures you are about to see have a rather interesting story behind them. The man you see standing in front of the Yellow Submarine was a neighbor who rembered the Manson "Family" suspicious behavior during their brief stay at the house and John Aes-Nihil just happened to meet this guy who in turn gave him these amazing photographs. The house is shown in its original state and after demolition in the early 1970s.


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