The Valley of Death

Trona, Ballarat and Death Valley, California



barker1.JPG (286158 bytes)

the post in Ballarat (notice the mistake...the distance to Goller is approx 17.9 miles instead)



barker2.JPG (229514 bytes)

Bobby's truck?



barker3.JPG (180628 bytes)

the old diner in Ballarat, now a general store



barker4.JPG (368573 bytes)

Newman's Cabin



barker5.JPG (350963 bytes)

Newman's Cabin and I



barker6.JPG (290230 bytes)

an obvious prank but its still rather interesting



barker8.JPG (268535 bytes)

the Barker gate



barker10.JPG (291935 bytes)

Barker Ranch as it looks today



barker11.JPG (291875 bytes)

the Barker porch


more coming soon


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