Charles "Tex" Watson's Fry St. Apartment

UNT Campus......Denton, TX

(taken early April 2002)


-Tex lived in this apartment for 2 to 3 months before quiting North Texas State University and packing up to California. Legend has it that his apartment is cursed...ectoplasm has been reported seeping from the walls and the room's last ocupant died an extremely violent death (she was shot 3 times in the head and had her throat slit before she was repeatedly stabbed more than 20 times). I wrote Tex to verify that this indeed was where he had lived and surely enough it was ... so enjoy!


texhouse1.jpg (57402 bytes)

Watson's room was on the second floor on the left....he also said at the time that he lived there was a balcony on the outside located above the door.


texhouse2.jpg (87473 bytes)

a view of the apartments from acrosee the street


texhouse3.jpg (89395 bytes)

a better view of the entrance (notice the remains of the balcony that Tex had mentioned)


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