The Last Supper at El Coyote, the Tate Gate and Sharon's grave

Los Angeles, California



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Cielo Drive


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Cielo and I

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"it was so quiet you could hear the sound of cocktail shakers rattling in the night"


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the entrance to the grounds


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KEEP OUT!.....nuff said


tate7.JPG (327028 bytes)

the original telephone pole and the original chain-linked fence is all that remains


tate8.JPG (310853 bytes)

the telephone pole which Tex climbed


tate9.JPG (434152 bytes)

the enbankment where Tex and the others entered the grounds at 12 am


lastsupper1.JPG (226051 bytes)

El Coyote at sundown....The Last Supper begins

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Glen Meadmore and John Aes-Nihil (w/ a hobo that looks like Charlie in the background)


lastsupper3.JPG (253437 bytes)

the infamous Tate table at El Coyote


lastsupper4.JPG (259849 bytes)

the ever-amazing Glen and I at the Tate table


lastsupper5.JPG (209276 bytes)


John and I at the Tate table


tategrave1.JPG (27435 bytes)

the area where Sharon's grave is located


tategrave2.JPG (40636 bytes)

"'s final!" - Doris Tate to Susan LaBerge


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