The Labianca and True Residences

Los Angeles, California



labianca1.JPG (295820 bytes)

Harold True's house located to the right of the LaBianca's



labianca2.JPG (323216 bytes)

another shot of the True residence



labianca3.JPG (230782 bytes)

don't ya just love it?



labianca4.JPG (242430 bytes)

3311 Waverly Drive



labianca5.JPG (287525 bytes)

the LaBianca house as it looks today



labianca6.JPG (289249 bytes)

this god awful driveway almost destoys the view....did they do this on purpose or soemthing?



labianca7.JPG (337487 bytes)

the revine 3 blocks away where Tex threw the bayonet used in the murders


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