The former site of Spahn's Movie Ranch

Chatsworth, California


spahn1.JPG (194454 bytes)

unfortunately the back of the ranch is now on private property


spahn2.JPG (248330 bytes)

a view of the front of Spahn's from Santa Susanna Pass


spahn3.JPG (229191 bytes)

this is a view of the area where the main sets where located


spahn4.JPG (152895 bytes)

a view of the creek from where the barn was once located


spahn5.JPG (484000 bytes)

a scenic view from the middle of the creek bed


spahn7.JPG (434583 bytes)

the famous boulder featured in the Aug. 20th 1970 "Life" magazine article


spahn8.JPG (659563 bytes)

I know, I know...I just couldn't resist posing where Cappy was


spahn11.JPG (363728 bytes)

this is the tree that Charlie supposedly punched repeatedly when he found out about Bobby's arrest in connection with the Hinman murder


spahn12.JPG (492851 bytes)

the hill leading to the back of the ranch where the waterfall was


spahn9.JPG (541166 bytes)

the infamous "Charlie rock" at Spahn's






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