I've recently updated this page so no more pre-pubiscent christopher

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John Waters and I 6/29/02


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John Waters (god) w/ Ryan and I ...along w/ a custom made Divine doll


jimrose1.jpg (32340 bytes)

Jim Rose swallowing razor blades was just the beginning of this amazing show.


lifto1.jpg (15957 bytes)

Mr. Lifto gets ready for some dirty tricks


liftolifts.jpg (33070 bytes)

Mr. Lifto does his famous penis lift at the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow


bhole1.jpg (22592 bytes)

Gibby of the Butthole Surfers bringing it down in funky town!.


sandoz1.jpg (33842 bytes)

the Goddess Sandoz in all her purrrfection


german1.jpg (49499 bytes)

One of my favorite castles in Germany, Neuschwanstien.


german2.jpg (34113 bytes)

A side view of Neuschwanstien.


bushburn1.JPG (39124 bytes)

a fine example of the way I feel about your current prez'



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