Barker Ranch continued...


barker7.JPG (393375 bytes)

the Goler sign posted at the Lotus Mine


familybus.JPG (49028 bytes)

some remains of the "Family" bus located across from the Lotus mine


barker9.JPG (286444 bytes)

me standing guard at the Barker gate

barker13.JPG (322601 bytes)

a side view of the back of the main ranch house


barker14.JPG (327586 bytes)

side view of Barker


barker15.JPG (407696 bytes)

the classic picture of Barker taken by standing on top of the chairs cemented at the top of the hill


barker12.JPG (383230 bytes)

same method of picture taken while I do my guard duties


barker16.JPG (382278 bytes)

the side rooms to the left of the main house...under construction


barker17.JPG (321364 bytes)

the side kitchen door of the main house at Barker



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