Devil's Canyon and Krishna Venta's Fountain of the World lodge and memorial

Chatsworth and Box Canyon, California



spahn14.JPG (280305 bytes)

a glimpse into the Devil's Canyon

spahn15.JPG (230720 bytes)

a scenic view via cliffside in Devil's Canyon

fotw1.JPG (270524 bytes)

the legendary Skull Rock ... located to the near right of the FOTW lodge


fotw2.JPG (261306 bytes)

a closer look at Skull Rock


fotw3.JPG (239589 bytes)

the former site of the FOTW memorial dedicated to the memory of Krishna Venta


fotw4.JPG (291323 bytes)

another look at the Krishna Venta memorial at the FOTW


fotw5.JPG (445570 bytes)

the entrance to the Fountain of the World lodge

(Ye who enter here enter in upon holy ground)


fotw6.JPG (476478 bytes)

another look at the FOTW lodge (notice the FOTW insignia on the front door)


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